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Discover Comprehensive Puppy Supplies with Our Expert Guidance

Discover Comprehensive Puppy Supplies with Our Expert Guidance

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Everyday Stuff

These are the “don’t forget to get” items!

  • Collar – Collars are a stylish way to express your dog’s personality, and a place to attach their tag.
  • 4/6ft leash – Learning to walk on a leash will expand your puppy’s world and allow walks, a great form of enrichment and exercise.
  • Harness – A harness is the safest and most comfortable tool for a dog to walk in.
  • Dog ID Tag – ID tags are the best way to ensure that if your pup gets lost and picked up by someone else, the finders can contact you.
  • Toys – Puppies need to play! Using toys to tug, fetch, or chew enriches your dog and burns energy.
  • Poop bags – Anywhere you take your puppy, they may poop. Cleaning up after them is easy with leak proof bags.

Food & Treats

Good nutrition is a major part of overall health & avoiding hefty vet bills. Start now, don’t wait until your puppy has health problems – preventive medicine is the best medicine!

  • Food – Healthy, natural food leads to a healthy, thriving puppy. Feed a healthy diet to prevent instead of trying to fix them. We have you covered with raw pet food, lightly cooked food, freeze dried, dehydrated, wet and kibble! See our list of brands!
  • Food bowl – Stainless steel is the safest material to feed your puppy out of.
  • Water bowl – Make sure to provide fresh, clean water to your puppy at all times.
  • Pumpkin/Goat’s milk – Puppies may get tummy aches. An extra boost of fiber and/or pre and probiotics can help “firm things up” on their way out if needed.
  • Treats – the most effective way to train a dog is using treats; bonus points if they’re healthy!
  • Bones/Chews – Chewing raw bones allows dogs to scrape the plaque off their own teeth, and they are also a healthy and tasty treat.


Every dog needs to be groomed in order to be healthy and avoid excessive shedding.

  • Self Serve Pet Spa – do it all here!
  • Shampoo – Dogs need shampoo created specifically for dogs, otherwise they may have a reaction.
  • Dog brush/comb – Depending on your dog’s coat, it’s ideal to brush them daily or weekly to keep the coat clean and shiny.
  • Nail clippers – Teaching a puppy to accept a nail trim at a young age is the easiest way to avoid problems with it as an adult dog.
  • Ear cleaner – Removing dirt and buildup from the ears is important to avoid ear infections.


It is very important to keep your pet’s teeth healthy and clean. Periodontal disease is very common and can lead to other issues.

  • Raw marrow bones – Nature’s natural toothbrush! Studies have shown they work, this includes raw bones and feeding a raw pet food diet!
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste – These are ideal for removing plaque and tartar buildup, and important to introduce to puppies at a young age. Using toothpaste freshens breath and cleans teeth.
  • Dental treats – Dental treats should be given once daily, can help prevent plaque buildup and lessen what you must brush clean.


Training is best started as a puppy

  • Kennel/Crate – Most dogs will, at some point, need to be in a kennel for some reason or another; introducing it as a puppy familiarizes the experience and takes away the fear. Need help getting it home? Order it online and get it delivered!
  • Dog bed – A private spot of their own is important to any dog; additionally, a “place” command can help a puppy learn to relax in their own space.
  • Treat pouch – Treat pouches provide easy access to the best reinforcer.
  • Bitter Apple – Bitter Apple is a sour spray you can apply to just about anything you don’t want your puppy to put in their mouth.


Dogs don’t clean up after themselves!:

  • Carpet cleaner – Accidents happen; carpet cleaner will make cleaning up after them much easier.
  • Pee pads – Puppies have small bladders, so many cannot make it through the night without going out. Pee pads prevent you from going outside in the middle of the night.
  • Pooper scooper – cleaning up the backyard poop is made easier with a scooper

Did you adopt this puppy from a local rescue or shelter? Bring your adoption papers for a free wash and ask us about your free adoption basket!

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